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Cows & Chickens

When you buy a cow or a chicken you go to the farm or farm supply. You carefully select the one you think is the best out of the bunch. The farmer or clerk may point you in the right direction, offering their knowledge to help you in your decision. You hold the cow's mouth open and get a good look at its teeth. You look in the ears, the eyes, the nose and you'll check its hooves for signs of deterioration, cracks and infections. You pay close attention to the chickens, trying to determine which one is the best one for you. The farmer, with all his experience, offers his insight and wisdom and with all this, a wise and informed decision is made and you enjoy many years of milk and eggs and companionship.

You shouldn't buy a cow or a chicken from a catalog or a big discount store. You wouldn't do that, would you? Most likely they don't live, eat, breath, and sleep cows & chickens and may not even share a common love for the animals since they have such a diverse inventory, different employees everytime you shop there and are mostly concerned with their bottom line. They probably wouldn't bother checking out the animals as thoroughly as a farmer would to make sure they were all healthy and in the best of shape. They're not so concerned about what happens to the cows or chickens after they sell them. They may not even be interested in you, after you've left and taken your wallet with you.

So PLEASE, for your own sake, buy your guitars from US ! The same people working here since 1983. Every guitar whether it's new, used, or vintage, regardless of its price, is thoroughly inspected and completely set up to perform optimally, and if they cannot meet our rigid standards we send them back to the manufacturer who probably just turns around and sells them to someone less picky. We also offer free lifetime maintenance on new guitars. All we ask is that you use the same size strings we used when we sold it to you. Since we live, eat, and breath in the guitar industry we know what guitars are worth, offer tremendous discounts, usually less then the big box, almost always less than online, and that's for a guitar that actually works !

"Pic long and prosper" Lightning Joe