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Every guitar that finds its way to Lightning Joe's--whether it's new, used or vintage, no matter the value--must go through the repair department for a detailed set up by Lightning Joe himself before it is released for sale. In fact, if we can't dial them in, in our set up department, we send them back to the manufacturer. If we can't dial in a used guitar in set up we'll either part it out or, if it qualifies, sell it as a slide guitar, use it for a prop in the shop, or practically give it away as a project guitar. Currently set ups cost $50.00 for acoustics, $75.00 for electrics and $100.00 for electrics with tremolo systems. These charges are absorbed by us and are not passed on to you. This makes for a very secure feeling when purchasing any new guitar from Lightning Joe's. We'll even maintain your set up as long as you own the instrument as well as take care of little problems that may arise down the road at no additional costs to you. It's just one way we look after our customers. You can buy with confidence here at Lightning Joe's.