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Lap & Pedal Steels

A pretty low keyed department anymore. There's just not so many folks playing these nowadays. You'll find our prices a bit below the market and the general population is only one to two dozen instruments at any given time. We certainly do not see as many of these instruments as we used to or as we'd like to. Following is a just a small sample of our current inventory...

1953 Fender Triple 8 Stringmaster w/ohc $2,000
1952 Magnatone w/ohc, ancient heiroglyphics $500 SOLD
1950s Magnatone w/c $375 SOLD
1955 National Dynamic w/ohc $475 SOLD
c.1950s National Grand Console 8 Double Neck (version without legs), w/hc $775
1948 National Triplex w/c $495 SOLD
1943 Rickenbacker Electro B, steel plates, w/c $1,500
1947 Rickenbacker Ace w/c, bakelite $450 SOLD
1930s/1940s Silvertone Artist w/c $595
Early '80s Sho Bud G-6150 LDG single 10 st. 4 knee levers, 3 pedals, w/ohc $1,800 SOLD
1950s Somco, ash, w/c (England) $350 SOLD
1949 Supro Comet w/ohc $450 SOLD
1950s Supro Comet w/c $375 SOLD
1950s Supro Comet w/oc $450 SOLD
1950s Supro Irene w/ohc $450