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New Acoustics

Martin wrote the book and no one has been able to improve on the wheel they invented. Most would agree they build the very best, most desirable guitars in the world. With up to 200 models on hand, Lightning Joe's has one of the largest Martin guitar inventories in the world! See the most exquisite of our Martin stock in Hidden Treasures. See our inventory on our Martin Guitars page.

Taylor Stunning woods complement the expert craftmanship that these guitars are known for. Quickly ascending to the second largest acoustic guitar company in the world, Taylor's impact on society has not gone unnoticed since their establishment in 1974. Please see our Taylor Guitars page.

Blueberry Completely old school, painstakingly hand crafted. Unbelievable hand carvings from a 400 year old craft. No two guitars are exactly the same. Tale telling carving and amazing three dimensional reliefs hand carved onto headstocks, bridges and rosettes as well as intricately carved backs and sides and astonishingly, even the tops of some models. Beautiful story telling inlays in the fingerboards. Unbelievably, they also possess an incredibly amazing sound quality. You have got to see and hear these - but you still won't believe your eyes or your ears. All models include a hard case and for a limited time, some cool Blueberry bling! View our inventory in Hidden Treasures.

Ovation When you swing a hard left from the establishment, you'll find Ovation. Simply put, they're the leader in acoustic and electronic innovation, decade after decade. Bravo! Adamas 2081WT - MSRP: $5,299 SALE: $3,699...over a dozen more to choose from!

Takamine One of the globe's top-selling acoustic guitar names. The brand's eclectic assortment of body shapes and woods give Takamine a unique image among acoustic guitar manufacturers.

We still have several N.O.S. ALVAREZ YAIRI models left over from the previous decade. Please call or e-mail to check availability.

Vineyard Incredible value - some models defy all the laws of economics and lutherie giving us unbeatable tone and craftsmanship at their price points.

Glen Burton Guitars Another amazing value for tone, craftsmanship and law defying performance.

Gypsy Guitars! For the acoustic guitarist who has no bounds! Virtuosos find themselves here. Gitane - Dell'Arte - Cigano

Fender Excellent quality and value.

Jay Turser Surprisingly good values.

Recording King Vintage styles at the (almost) vintage price!

Have you seen these Blueberry guitars yet? These blow me away! All hand made. No CNC's, no CAD's, all totally hand carved. Wow! The other guys had better watch out because Blueberry's are here, and you should hear need to hear them...Wow!
Check out this one below and be sure to surf over to their web site to see for yourself.