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Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven New Electrics

Fender Premium Showcase Dealer

When you walk into our shop from door #2, you will be greeted by a massive 15' tall wall of Fender guitars; walk through door #1 and find yourself surrounded by a giant 'U' of Fender basses hanging from our ceiling want a Fender? You've come to the right place. We always have well over 100 different Fender electric and acoustic instrument models in stock, representing all series and price points they offer. We also stock Custom Shop guitars and tons of Fender amplifiers. Please call (805) 481-2226 for availability and detailed specifications.

Paul Reed Smith Guitars

PRS Guitars have graced our shop since 2018. These guitars feature exceptional design elements paired with phenomenal craftsmanship. Handmade in Maryland, USA, their mastery of guitar building is clearly represented with each guitar. We have dazzling stock of Core, S2, and SE electric and acoustic lines, as well as amplifiers.
Click here to view our inventory.

HAMER GUITARS - Once the king of American handmade guitars:
Hamer Improv Vintage Natural
Hamer Standard Korina Custom White Trans.
Hamer Standard Korina Limited Edition #19 of 96 Details/Buy
Hamer Studio Custom White Transparent
Hamer Vector Korina Limited Edition #46 of 72 Details/Buy

For more Hamers look in Hidden Treasures

GRETSCH - from Chet Atkins to Brian Setzer - beautifully crafted designs. No other guitar has "that Great Gretsch sound". A very large selection. Usually around three to four dozen guitars in stock. Solid bodies and "Oh Yes" hollow bodies including--but not limited to--most of the Signature Series models. Please call for the most up-to-date inventory. (805) 481-2226

We also stock the Electromatic and Streamliner series.
A big bite of Gretsch for just a tidbit of dough.

RICKENBACKER - impeccable craftsmanship, time honored designs, unique tones, think British Invasion. If you want to cut through the mix Ric's live right here. We generally keep one to two dozen Ric's in stock. They're not easy to get though, as it takes twelve to thirty six months after ordering.

Check out our Rickenbacker page! Current inventory, guitars on order, general info, etc.

SIGNED Fender Stratocaster - Signed by 10 famous artists, including Johnny Winter and Joe Satriani! See details here: Signed Fender Stratocaster

MINARIK Unbelievable, over-the-top, unique designs, handmade in America. We still have a few of the very firstones to be produced!
see available models in Hidden Treasures (scroll down)

G&L - George Fullerton and Leo Fender - Leo's Last Stand - Made in USA

G&L Comanche, Flame Top, Honey Burst, Bird's Eye Maple Neck, $2099

G&L Legacy Semi-Hollow, Lemondrop, Bird's Eye Maple Neck, $2499

"Many upgraded features unlisted" please call (805) 481-2226

American Showster -
Original Custom Series Made in the USA.
These guitars are licensed by General Motors to replicate the tailfin of a '57 Chevy Bel Air!
All guitars are equipped with a functioning tail light! Dripping with MOJO!
American Showster AS-57 Floyd Rose