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Over The Top Shop

This shop is spilling over the top , dripping wet with mojo, a total cranium flood of inspiration!

Eye-baffling array of guitars. Head-spinning amount of basses, dizzying quantity of guitar and bass amplifiers, loads of vintage amps, as well as a puzzling selection of rack gear, an enormously mystifying sum of accessories for the guitarist, and more effects than we think you've probably ever seen in one place! Mandolins, banjos, pedal steels & lap steels, ukuleles, dulcimers, autoharps, travel guitars, etc. An enormously eclectic assortment of instruments and musical paraphernalia. Lightning Joe's is also home to an amazing musician's community center, Stairway to Heaven, featuring the Purple Haze Cafe, an acoustic cafe where live music is on the menu with "open mic" during normal business hours as well as hosting special events; the Flat 5 and Dime Gift Shop, an unusually large collection of out-of-the-ordinary gifts for the guitarist; Studios 51 & 50, featuring a whole palette of engaging lesson programs, workshops and clinics; Houses of the Holy, a guitar museum that will leave you in an eternal trance, and the Magical Mystery Theater, an intimate performing arts theater, hosting shows, clinics, special events, local talent etc. Please feel free to call us at (805)481-2226 for schedules or reservations and please do drop in for a visit you won't soon forget - Tuesday through Saturday 11:00am - 5:00pm to pic up on a great musical vibe!