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Packing Instructions

1. Without Case - First, get yourself a triangular guitar box from your neighborhood guitar shop. Wrap the instrument carefully in a foam bag and then a plastic bag (both obtainable from a guitar shop). If the bags are not available to you then try bubble wrap. Do not use styrofoam peanuts! Next, place the guitar in the triangular box and secure with packaging tape. This will act as your "case". Now you're ready for your next step.

2. With Case - If you have a case be sure the guitar fits very well and doesn't shift around inside the closed case. If it does you'll have to add bubble wrap, towels or whatever you've got handy that won't harm the guitar. Once the guitar is secure inside the case then you're ready for the next step.

3. Finally - You'll want to place your case (or secured triangular box) into a large heavy duty rectangular guitar box (also available at your local guitar shop) . Make sure the box is about 6 inches taller and at least a couple inches wider than your case. Before you put your case in, add a few inches of bubble wrap , crushed heavy packing paper, crumpled up newspaper, layers of folded cardboard, anything that won't shift around (No Peanuts). Next set the case in the box and fill the box with more of the same materials you're using. You can
wrap the case in bubble wrap before you place it in the box but be sure to continue filling the box with whatever you've got so the case cannot move inside the shipping box. Finally, cover the top few inches with more filling, close the box and secure with packing tape. The box is now ready to be labeled and shipped safely to its destination.

"Pic long & prosper" - Lightning Joe