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Parts Department

We carry so many parts that we had to add a whole new wing to the building just to house them all . Quite possibly more parts than you've ever seen!
New, used and if you're really feeling lucky you just might try talking us out of some of our vintage parts, but don't count on it.
guitar kits
  (Schaller, Gotoh, Sperzel, Kluson, Grover, etc.)
nuts & saddles (plastics, micarta, bone, graphite, GraphTech, Tusq, brass, steel, roller, adjustable, locking, etc.)
fret wire (all sizes)
position markers & inlay
truss rod nuts & covers
neck plates
bindings / purflings & inlays
bridges (Floyd Rose, Fender, Schaller, Allparts, WD, Gibson, Badass, etc.)
bridge parts (saddles, springs, etc.)
pick guards
pickup mounting hardware
electronics (pots, switches, jacks, wire, custom wiring kits pre-wired pick guards etc.)
tools for bridges, truss rods, locking nuts, etc. - and for amplifiers we carry all hardware, handles, corners, grill cloth, speakers etc.,etc., etc.
and of course tubes - tubes - and more tubes.