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Repair Department 

Lightning Joe's currently offers many musical instrument services including restrings, strap button installations, and guitar repair.

Ukulele: $10
Banjo: $10
Dulcimer: $10
Mandolin: $20
Autoharp: $75
Bass guitar: $10
Electric guitar:$10
Acoustic guitar: $10
Classical guitar: $15
12-String guitar: $20
Rickenbacker 6-string: $15
Rickenbacker 12-string: $25
Electric Guitar w/ Locking Tremolo System: $20

All restrings are accompanied by the cost of the set of strings you pick out.
We offer string sets starting at $5 and ranging up to about $60. You may also bring your own set if you already have one.
Please note: We currently do not offer violin restrings.
Please refer to the bottom of the page for our preferred local violin repairists.

Strap Button Installations:
Single strap button installation: $10
Dual (two) strap button installation: $15

All strap button installations are accompanied by the cost of the parts you choose for the install. Typically, a strap button and a felt washer is needed for an install. We have these in various finishes to match your instrument. Our strap buttons range from $2-$5 each and our felt washers are all $.50 each. 

Instrument Repair:
Set ups are a crucial part of your guitar's longevity. Your guitar will feel and play better than ever when it's set up at Lightning Joe's.
Please note: All quotes are given on a case by case basis following a careful, cost-free evaluation.
Here's a list of some general charges:

Set ups:
Ukulele: $35
Mandolin: $50
Banjo: $75 - $100
Resonator Guitar: $50-$100
Electric Guitar or Bass: $75
Acoustic Guitar or Bass: $50
Electric Guitar or Bass (w/ tremolo system): $100

Other Repairs:
Neck Adjustment: $20 - $30
Smooth rough fret ends: $10
Replace pick guard: $50 -100
Rebuild original nut: $10 - $25
Neck Reset (glued in): $350 - $600
Convert electric to lefty $75 - $100
Shape & install bone nut blank: $50
Refret (bound fingerboard): $200 - $300
Refret (unbound fingerboard): $150 - $250
Pickup System Installation (acoustic): $50 - $75 
Pickup Installation (electric): $25 (for each pickup)
Replace tuners (direct replacement) with strings: $50
Replace tuners (drill holes for posts and/or screws): $75
Complete conversion- acoustic steel string to lefty:  $100
Intonation: $20 - $50 (Often needs need adjustment: $20)
Shape & install compensated bone saddle: $50 (for drop in)
Replace tuners (drill out holes for posts and/or screws) w/ touch up: $100

Please note: We currently do not offer amp repair. Please refer to the bottom of the page for our preferred amp repairmen.

With well over 150,000 set ups behind him, Lightning Joe has been dubbed "The Man" by his peers... "I wish I knew this stuff when I was out gigging and touring"... His influences can be seen and felt in the improved feel and set ups of many manufacturers who have been inspired by his work, recognizing him as a master guitar technician (not to be confused with luthier) and employing some or all of his more progressive techniques and specs.

All prices subject to change without notice. These prices represent our current general pricing guidelines and may or may not apply to your specific instrument's repair.

*Assessment and evaluation is always free*

In-House Repairs: Lightning Joe

Off-Site Repairs: Jim Witt *instrument(s) will still be dropped off at the shop
Small Repairs, Restring, Strap Button Install & Clean: Joseph, Joey, Ashley and Bry 

Our Local Repairmen Recommendations:
Amplifier Repair:
Jack Collins - (805) 296-6793
Dan Chiwee - (805) 489-5140

Violin Repair:
Wade Alexander - (805) 888-7232

Other Guitar Repair Options:
Jim Witt - (805) 440-2986

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