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Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven proudly presents

Stairway to Heaven

a musicians gathering center

The Purple Haze Cafe Diarama - The Flat 5 Studio
Studios 51 & 50, House of the Holy
a performing arts theater and guitar museum

Stairway to Heaven is located on the third floor of Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven and is one very major way that Lightning Joe's actually gives back to the community. The center is open to musicians and the general public during normal business hours. 11:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday. When there are no scheduled activities to be held in the Houses of the Holy museum, musically themed movies are sometimes shown and all are encouraged to attend. Refreshments are always complimentary. Houses of the Holy has a free admission policy, however, your donations are greatly appreciated as they help offset the costs of operation. You are welcome to peek into the Flat 5 Studio and Studios 51 & 50 as long as lessons are not in progress. The restrooms, secretly named the "Dark Side of the Moon", are also located on the third floor inside the musicians gathering center, Stairway to Heaven. The center is here for all to enjoy so please come visit and thanks for helping to make Lightning Joe's Guitar Heaven a "mecca" for guitarists and a true destination.