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Used Electrics

Typically you'll find a rather extensive selection of this type of guitar in house. Dozens and dozens to graze through. Virtually all brand names can be found. Typically you'll find up to a dozen or so Les Pauls as well as Strats, there's always some SG's, Explorers, Flying V's, and other models in the Gibson and Fender lines hanging around the shop. Epiphone, Kay, Yamaha, Gretsch, Schecter, Danelectro, Jackson, Peavey, ESP, Daisy Rock, Fernandes, Harmony, Jay Turser, G & L, Dean, Charvel, Rickenbacker, B C Rich, Ibanez, Washburn, Cort, Guild, Parker, PRS, Hamer, etc. etc. It is an ever changing, seemingly endless carousel of guitars. Following below is a very partial listing of some of our current selections.

American Showster AS-57
Hardtail, Black Onyx, USA, NOS, w/ohc
$4,999.99 SOLD
American Showster AS-57 FR
Matador Red, USA, NOS, w/ohc $4,999.99
• 2009 Baker 62S Custom, black finish,
pre-worn, w/featherweight case $1,800
• 2005 Dean Hardtail Select,
Trans Blue, w/hc $595
• 2007 Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine Signature
black finish, w/ohc $675
• 1995 Ernie Ball Music Man Edward Van Halen
(EVH) trans red finish, w/ohc $4,995
• 2009 Ernie Ball Music Man Silhouette Special,
pearl white finish, rosewood fretboard, HSS,
white pearloid pickguard, w/gb $875 SOLD
• 2013 Fano Alt de Facto SP6, Mary Kay finish,
w/ohc $2,000
• 1999 Fender Custom Shop American Classic
Stratocaster, 3-Tone Sunburst, rosewood
fretboard, w/hc & certif. of auth. $1,995
• 2012 Fender American Vintage
'72 Telecaster Thinline, maple fretboard,
natural finish, w/ohc $1,095
w/ohc=with original hard case
w/hc=with hard case
w/ob=with original bag
w/gb=with gig bag

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• 2003 Fender American Series Stratocaster HSS
Sienna Sunburst, maple fretboard, ash body,
DiMarzio bridge humbucker, w/hc $950
• G&L Comanche (USA), honeyburst,
quilted maple top, w/ohc & coa $1,695 SOLD
• G&L Legacy Semi-Hollow (USA), lemon drop,
flamed maple top, birdseye maple neck,
ash body, w/ohc $1,895
2000 Gibson Historic Les Paul
1957 Gold Top Reissue Aged by
Tom Murphy w/ohc $4,995 SOLD
• 2007 Hamer Monaco Elite, Indigo Blue,
w/ohc $2,250
• Haywire "Gene Baker Tele", body rebuilt by
Gene Baker, Warmoth neck, reverse bridge,
swamp ash body, DiMarzio Virtual Vintage
pickups, w/gb $1,600
• 1985 Ibanez Roadstar II RG135 $375
• 1985 Ibanez Roadstar II RS135, w/ohc $450
w/ohc=with original hard case
w/hc=with hard case
w/ob=with original bag

• 2017 Kauer Titan KR1, white finish,
Lollar Imperial pickups, Gotoh locking
tuners, Custom Pinstripes, tortoise
pickguard, w/gb $1,150
• 2001 Line 6 Variax, metallic red,
w/original bag and foot pedal $595
• 1995 Mercury 'EG#1' Custom Double
String Bender Electric Guitar feat.
B-Bender and G-Bender, three Keith
tuners (high E, A, and low E strings)
for instant tuning to Drop D, Open G,
or Double Drop D, white back and sides,
trans blue top, one-of-a-kind, originally
owned by Jim Lauderdale (w/photo and
written documentation), w/hc $2,000
• 2014 Taylor T5 Standard, tobacco sunburst
w/ohc $1,799
w/ohc=with original hard case
w/ofc=with original featherweight case
w/ogb=with original gig bag
w/hc=with hard case
w/gb=with gig bag