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Vintage Acoustics

We have an ever-changing inventory that makes it challenging to keep all these instruments listed accurately, so we'll just be keeping a few of them listed here and if you're interested in something please feel free to write, call or email us using the "contact us" navigation bar on the left and we'll see if we can find the guitar you're looking for.

  • 1919 Martin 0-28 w/c $6,650 SALE $5,550
  • 1970 Martin D-35, Brazilian Rosewood center wedge, w/ohc $2,995 SOLD
  • 1972 Guild F-47 Bluegrass, w/ohc $1,475
  • 1988 David Finck Custom, Canadian Red Cedar top/Birdseye Maple body, w/ohc $1,500
  • 1971 Dobro DM33H w/ohc $2,500
  • 1978 Michael Gurian Workshops S2R w/hc $1,600 SOLD
  • 1932 Magno-Tone Model 56 by Dobro, double cyclops, signed by the Dopyera Bros. $2,000 SOLD
  • 1930s Washburn Style 5238, Lyon & Healy, s/n 7733, w/hc $3,500

w/ohc=with original hard case; w/hc=with hard case; w/c=with chipboard case;
w/oc=with original chipboard case