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You Are What You Eat

When you play a lot of guitars you unleash a beast from within, an alter ego, the inner guitarist, the more guitars you eat (play) the more players you release. As players, we all have many segments or aspects of our own guitar experience. This is why often times one guitar is not enough. Different types of guitars can provoke different styles of playing. A big hollow body jazz guitar in our hands may cause us to attempt to execute a bit of a jazzier style, while an acoustic may bring out a folk or finger style guitarist. A Les Paul in our hands could fire up a rock star and a Strat may beckon you to conjure up some of your best S.R.V. We must continue to consume our daily ration of all things guitar for our own sanity. We shall preserve a high honor for those who came before us as well as those among us, and hold sacred their teachings yet never give up on our own personal quest for higher achievement. "Pic long & prosper" Lightning Joe